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Majid Jafar: Net Zero Ambitions in Iraq & the Middle East

Majid Jafar, CEO of Crescent Petroleum, spoke to IPG to discuss Net Zero ambitions and climate change in Iraq, Kurdistan & the Middle East.


Dr. Majid Jafar

Majid Jafar is the chief executive officer of Crescent Petroleum, the Middle East’s oldest private oil and gas company, and vice chairman of the Crescent Group of companies which includes interests in port management, logistics, contracting, private equity, and real estate. He is also managing director of the board of Dana Gas, the leading publicly listed natural gas company in the Middle East, in which Crescent is the largest shareholder. His previous experience was with Shell International’s Exploration and Production and Gas and Power Divisions. In addition, Mr. Jafar is the founder and chairman of the Centre for Economic Growth in partnership with INSEAD Abu Dhabi, and serves on several boards, including Queen Rania Foundation, the Arab Forum for Environment and Development, and the Iraq Energy Institute. He sits on the Middle East Advisory Council for the World Economic Forum, the Carnegie Endowment, and Harvard Business School.


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