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Carole Nakhle: how to achieve economic diversification

Dr. Carole Nakhle, a recognised authority on global energy issues and CEO of Crystal Energy spoke to IPG to discuss how Iraq can achieve economic diversification and address its economic crisis.


Dr. Carole Nakhle

Dr Carole Nakhle is the founder and CEO of Crystol Energy (UK). She is a recognized international authority on global energy issues, in particular in the fields of oil and gas markets, energy policy, governance, regulation, fiscal regimes, and contractual arrangements. Dr Nakhle has worked with oil and gas companies at the executive level, governments and policy makers, international organizations, academic institutions, and specialized think tanks on a global scale. In addition to her commercial role, she lectures, among others, at the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University and the University of Surrey. She is a sought-after commentator on energy and geopolitics in the press. She founded the not-for-profit organization ‘Access for Women in Energy’ in 2007, with the aim of promoting the development of women in the energy sector.



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